Welcome to redbug.org

What? Redbug?

Red Bug Lake Road is a local east-west artery named for Red Bug Lake, a little east of Orlando. In the early '90s I ran a uucp node named redbug -- you can still see it on one of the old uucp network maps.

I've run the redbug.org domain since sometime in 2003, where it does light duty as my mail server and occasional web ramblings.

Recently the web and mail server has been upgraded, and so the site is in a bit o' flux. The blog I kept here relied on Blosxom, which I did NOT reinstall. I'll get around to restoring all my lame content eventually. As if you might care.

Meanwhile, here's a subset of Ten years of SHARE trip reports.

David Andrews
28 August 2003 26 June 2011